CASIO Teacher Point

What is CASIO Teacher Point (CT Point)?

Earn points with your educational activities 

Receive special prizes by earning points

*Points for holding workshops will be provided after validation by CASIO

How to Earn and Use CT Point?

CT Points are given by the rule below. Please note that points will be added to My Page in several days.


Actions Points Awarded
Answer a questionnaire 10pt
Hold a workshop 100pt


Actions Points Awarded
User Registration 100pt
Answer a questionnaire from CASIO 10pt

Teaching Materials

Actions Points Awarded
Download a teaching material 1pt
Upload a lesson plan 200pt
Upload an activity 100pt
Upload worksheet(s) 50pt
Write a review 10pt
Receive a good satisfaction rating 3 stars: 1pt
4 stars: 3pt
5 stars: 5pt
Your teaching material is downloaded 10pt every 10 times

A CASIO watch such as G-SHOCK will be given to the top 5 people in each country
who earn the most points during Term 2.
(2019/08/01 ~ 2019/12/31)

*Watch Model will be announced later on this page.

What is the Validity Period of CT Points Earned?

CT Points are valid for the period of time below, and those who earn the most points during the term will be given a gift.

Term 1:
2019/05/01 - 2019/07/31
Term 2:
2019/08/01 - 2019/12/31
Term 3:
2020/01/01 - (The end date has not been decided yet. )

*Please note that the period of Term 2 is subject to change.

How to Check CT Points Earned?

Go to Member Login page then click on “Check My CT Points”.